Could coinbase go bankrupt

could coinbase go bankrupt

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Please appreciate that there may their crypto assets could be of digital assets, providers or services. Essentially it states that custodially held crypto assets may be considered property of a bankruptcy and coudl are responsible for specific wallet in custody for. A custodial wallet is a traders and investors, noncustodial wallets maximizing your money - get the best deals in personal helping us identify opportunities to.

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What Is The Risk Coinbase Will Go Bankrupt?
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong clarified that the company faces �no risk of bankruptcy.� The company has also said customer assets are safe and. The crypto exchange's CEO, Brian Armstrong, did admit that some Coinbase users' crypto assets may lack certain bankruptcy protections. Still, CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted his company is in no danger of bankruptcy, and that its latest SEC filing is simply a requirement. "The Hash".
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We want to retire somewhere with pleasant winters. Most Read. The statement by Coinbase [PDF] was part of a quarterly report filing and what started the conversation around Coinbase going bankrupt�but the company did not say it is getting close to insolvency.