How to set a stop limit order on binance

how to set a stop limit order on binance

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Binance Stop Limit Order Tutorial (Binance Stop Loss)
A stop-limit order lets you customize and plan out your trades. We can't always be checking prices, especially in the 24/7 crypto market. A Binance stop loss order allows you to specify the execution of an automatic cryptocurrency sell order to limit losses in the event of a market drop. Here's. Connect your Binance Account with Binance API Keys ; Go to the Exchanges tab, find Binance and choose a coin you want to buy or sell ; Set Stop Loss Binance order.
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However, you don't want to pay too much for BNB if it starts to rise quickly, so you need to limit the price you are willing to pay. Both a stop-limit order and a stop-loss order are useful for traders trying to manage risk. The app supports immediate on-device asymmetric encryption of all API keys and user data. You can set the stop price and limit price at the same price. Precision Stop-limit orders allow traders to set specific prices at which to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.